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Introduction: Transporting documents, baggage & any other commercial courier requires an expert & specialised approach. When you choose courier experts, you can rest assured that all you entrust is in safe hands. Yet how do you decide who to trust with your valuables for transportation & shipment? A reliable & expert international courier can impact your business positively in multiple ways. Below are a few pointers while making this vital business decision. 

Best Guide to Choose Reliable Courier from New Zealand to India

The globally competitive couriers to India like DHL, FedEx, UPS & TNT have standard protocols to choose the most reliable courier to India or internationally. Below are some of the basic ones to know. 

1. Know the Prohibited Items/Goods

International shipping is still subject to the local laws of various countries or jurisdictions. The restricted or prohibited items must not be part of international shipment & packaging to facilitate fast shipments and avoid legal issues. Different countries impose penalties for violations of laws governing the air freight sector.

2. Standard Packing Guide

There is a standard protocol & guide while packing to ensure the safety of extra fragile items & goods in transportation. Courier securely packed in card boxes & bubble wraps help secure them inside the packaging. Fragile, delicate & easily breakable items must be secure with a minimum size of bubble wraps and use a box in a box packaging. Different couriers prescribe specific guides on the packaging front to ensure safety in transit, shipment & storage. See our Packaging Guide section for more information.

3. Measure & Know the Courier Weight & Dimensions

International courier charges to India or internationally are by the cubic size & weight of the packaging for shipment. The cubic weight is the dimension of length, width & height in centimetres or inches divided by a industry standard of 5000 for cm and 139 for inches to arrive at the cubic weight of the package. Precise calculations & determinations of the actual cubic weight, width & height of your packaging will determine international shipment charges. Protocol is to charge the higher of dead weight or cubic weight.

4. Customs Duty & Tax Applicable

Customs duties & taxes are applicable on all courier items according to their value and use. The purpose or application for the international shipments & couriers can also help calculate applicable customs duties & taxes. There are several ways taxes and duties apply before clearing the goods or shipments. 

Each courier content determines its clearance process. All clearance processes are under Indian jurisdiction & law with the original documentation which includes a commercial invoice. Customs has the right to revise the invoice value should they think that the declared value is too low or inconsistent with the valuation found online. Customs rarely care if the product is new or used. They base the custom duty on the MRP of the product. The industry standard is approx. 80% of the MRP to be charged as custom duty in India. Often we get queried on how to avoid this customs duty – our response is very basic – do not send the package with us. We would hate to see India become like Sri Lanka (low forex reserves) with people avoiding customs duty and using foreign made products in India without paying the appropriate duties and taxes. If you can afford to buy the product overseas, you should be able to pay the legitimate duties and taxes as per local laws in India.

5. Know the Service Booking Process

Courier services are accessible globally & you can access courier to India services too. Booking courier services to India is smooth, convenient & affordable for all individuals, institutions, businesses, or industrial & commercial establishments. You can track your shipment in real-time from the dispatch to the delivery. There are updates on the progress of the shipments & couriers with the probable delivery date.  


When you tap into the efficiency of Couriers To India, you access the professionalism that transforms institutions, businesses & industries globally. With Couriers To India, you not only get fast & cheap freight solutions internationally but also expert & quality courier services. We work with you to resolve issues as they arise and look after you for a long term relationship. Give us a call to experience our speedy, pocket friendly service.

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