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There are different kinds of items that you can send through courier from Australia to India. These categories include:

Documents: You can send any kind of official documents including passport, certificates, power of attorney, or any other document that is important to you. The documents are sealed and packed in a proper way to ensure safety. The documents can either be dropped off to the office of a reliable courier service provided or the courier service can also pick the documents from your home.

Excess baggage: You can also ship your excess baggage from Australia to India. The baggage can entail anything from large boxes to small bags. The bags need to be packed properly and then sent to the courier service provider. They will then get the items shipped. The charges will depend on the kind of goods that you want to transfer and the weight.

Gifts: You can send different types of gifts from Australia to India. These gifts are precious for the sender and receiver which is why they are couriered in a delicate manner. The gifts can also be delivered to some of the most remote locations in India.

Gifts in Courier Services

Commercial courier: Sending commercial couriers from Australia to India is also possible. The commercial goods can be transported on cargo airlines. The cost depends on the weight of the goods and type of the items you want to ship. Different commercial shipments have different custom protocols which need to be followed.

There are a few steps that you need to follow while shipping your goods from Australia to India:

Pack the items properly: Make sure that the items are packed properly using the right kind of packing material. Make use of study boxes and bubble wraps for packing the material so that the content remains safe.

Choose a reliable courier service: You will find a lot of courier service providers that offer international shipping from India to Australia. So, look through the tracking option, delivery time and associated charges to know more about which courier service is the best for you.

Acquire the shipment details: It is also important for you to obtain accurate weights and measurements of the baggage that you want to ship. This will help you to determine the charges associated with getting your courier shipped.

Get a quote: The next step would be to get a quote from the courier service provider. You can obtain the quote directly from their website. You may also get in touch with them for more details.

Complete the paperwork: Next, you will have to prepare your shipping documents. You can take the help of the courier service provider with the documentation. They will provide you with the necessary guidelines.

Complete the paperwork

Label the packages: Once you have selected the courier service and completed the documents, it is time for you to label the packages so that they are clearly visible.

Consider the custom regulations: Check the custom regulations related to shipping items from Australia to India and ensure that the packages comply with all the regulations.

Check the confirmation: Once the package reaches the destination, you will be receiving a confirmation mail. This is going to ensure that your item has been received by the recipient in a good condition.

For more details on Australia to India courier services, connect with us and we will be happy to assist you selecting the right option for your Couriers To India.

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