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Sending a package to India doesn’t need to be costly. Your products might show up without breaking the bank with suitable data and strategy. This detailed guide can assist you with conveying things to India at the most minimal expense, from picking a messenger to comprehending customs.

1. Understand Package Shipping Basics

You must know the essentials before sending your shipment. Weight, size, and delivery speed affect shipping costs. Larger packages cost extra to ship. Therefore, pack your products compactly and securely to avoid size-related fees.

Courier Packaging Services

2. Pick the Right Courier Service

International courier services to India differ in price and service. Some common choices:

USP: If you are not in a rush, USP is an inexpensive option. Within six to ten business days, Priority Mail International will arrive.

FedEx: This delivery is speedier but more costly. Their delivery dates are 3-5 business days, and they provide complete tracking.

DHL: DHL is a reliable international shipping company that offers comprehensive surveillance for packages going to India.

Compare pricing, delivery times, and reviews to choose the best courier for your requirements.

3. Think about consolidated shipping and discounts

Check for discounts. Online reservations and frequent shippers get reduced costs from certain carriers. Search online for discounts and promo codes. If you ship items to India often, combined shipping may save money. This strategy decreases package transportation costs by merging multiple smaller shipments into one big shipment.

4. Use third-party shipping and Watch Customs and Taxes

Third-party delivery services may be cheaper than couriers. These firms negotiate courier prices and pass on savings. Every parcel entering India is inspected and may incur charges and taxes depending on its value and type. Check customs restrictions and advise the receiver of any costs to prevent surprises. Misdeclaring package contents might cause delays or fines.

Courier Packaging Services

5. Properly Pack and Track

Get your shipment tracked. Tracking provides peace of mind and streamlines transportation difficulties like delays and customs holds. Packaging is essential to prevent damage and fees. Pack using robust boxes, padding, and waterproof materials if needed. This ensures your things arrive safely and intact.

6. Consider Insurance and Know Indian Import Regulations

Shipping insurance is recommended for valuable products. It gives protection and comfort of mind by covering transportation loss or damage. Before mailing your cargo, you must grasp India’s import requirements. Sending certain prohibited materials might result in package seizure. Always check the latest regulations on the Indian Customs website.


If you plan and do some study, sending a package to India can be done on a budget. Couriers to India are experts at sending packages to that area and can offer you good deals and helpful tips to make sure your package gets there safely and cheaply. By using these tips, you can keep your shipping costs low and make sure your packages get to their destination on time and safely.

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