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One of the major powers behind the world economy is India. It is a prospective export market for Australian e-commerce companies for several reasons. Over half of India’s population was born after 1980, and it is still expanding. The scale of India’s young population makes it a fascinating market for identifying emerging consumer trends in e-commerce. Offering customers, the option to ship from Australia to India should be the first step for Australian e-commerce companies. Here, we’ve compiled a shipping guide you can quickly refer to.

Products that are frequently sent from Australia to India

The following are popular items to think about selling in the Indian Internet retail market:

When shipping from Australia to India, what to watch out for:

1. What are the forbidden products under Indian customs?

There are a few factors to consider when doing business in India and sending your e-commerce products abroad, such as from Australia to India. First, confirm if the goods are legal to import into the nation. India has strict customs laws that outline what can and cannot be imported. On the website of the DGFT, you may get the most recent comprehensive list of goods prohibited from being imported into India. Duties and taxes on imports apply to the majority of items. Products like alcohol and cigarettes require special import guidelines.

These products are prohibited: 

The following items are prohibited: 

Before shipping, you can ensure that your item arrives without problems by being familiar with the customs procedures.

1. Indian import duties

Customs duty in India is a tax imposed on imported products. The Indian Customs authorities impose the customs duty at the time of import. There are two kinds of customs fees in India: basic and supplementary. 

Customs Duty
  1. Export shipping documentation

Understanding the necessary shipping papers ensures a smooth process while sending products to India. 

Documentation for shipping consists of the following:

Customs clearance delays and additional fines may occur if shipment documentation is not accurate and complete. Thus, before sending products to India, it is crucial to know the criteria.

With courierstoindia.com, quick and dependable delivery is available from Australia to India.

For Australian e-commerce companies, India is expected to be a lucrative and expanding market. As a top logistics provider, courierstoindia.com streamlines shipping for commercial transactions between India and Australia. We are familiar with India’s foreign trade practices and can ensure that this vital step in your shipping process is handled with great care and attention to detail. 

Utilizing courierstoindia.com to enter the India market will help you grow your company. To get started, connect with courierstoinidia.com right away.

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